Thanks to the advances in technology in recent years, companies are now able to offer a more efficient service than ever before. Like many others, SunTrust now offers a number of personalised services for all customers including trust, investment, credit, and deposit tools. Using their login page, customers can also unlock the ability to check personal and business accounts making it easier than ever before to stay on top of finances.

Since first opening, SunTrust has helped million of clients over the years and now has 2,200 ATM machines as well as 1,500 branches over eight different states. In addition to mortgages and personal banking opportunities, SunTrust boasts loans, credit cards, private wealth, commercial services, retirement schemes, and a whole lot more. In terms of assets, they currently sit with over $170 billion worth after acquiring a whole host of business ventures along the way.

After setting up an account, your SunTrust online banking ID can be used to;

• Receive account statements through email
• Request a statement dating back up to five years
• Pay bills
• Transfer money
• Download a financial transaction summary and even conduct transactions thus removing the need for checks
• Register for electronic bills to reduce paper waste
• File taxes using Turbo tax products

How to Login – If you are registered with an account, logging in to SunTrust is extremely simple;

Step 1 – Visit the website and see the ‘sign on’ section on the left-hand side.
Step 2 – Enter your given User ID as well as the Password.

If all information has been entered correctly, you should be logged in and have access to the many different services.

How to Apply – If you haven’t yet received any information regarding the online services, you will need to apply and register by doing the following;

Step 1 – Visit the website and choose ‘Sign Up Now’.
Step 2 – Firstly, you can only register if you have a Checking, Savings, Line of Credit, Loan, Personal Credit Card, or Money Market account. If so, you will be given three options – SunTrust Account, SunTrust Debit Card, SunTrust Personal Credit Card.
Step 3 – After choosing, select ‘Begin Enrolment’ before then entering your card and personal details. Of course, all information provided will be kept private and is for registering purposes only.
Step 4 – Once this has been processed, you will be sent a password to authenticate your account via mobile before then having access to your User ID.

How to Reset a Password – With so many different passwords for different sites, there may come a time where you need to reset but don’t worry as this process is simple.

Step 1 – Where you would normally log in, click ‘Forgot User ID/Password?’.
Step 2 – Enter your email address and well as your User ID before proceeding.
Step 3 – Through your mail, you will be sent a link in order to reset the password.
Step 4 – You can authenticate this and start using a new password; this process will also work for User ID.

Safety – If you ever suspect fraudulent activity, you should contact SunTrust immediately. As an extra layer of precaution, you can also sign up for SMS alerts which can warn of a breach.